Rio Calling #2.34

You are so out of line,
I’m in the corner, not feeling very fine.

Over us, big black sky,
I hope I’m not going to die.

I’m going to fight for what’s right,
why can’t I see you, sunlight?

You just came to say goodbye,
please, this must be a lie.

I’ll be all on my own,
feeling numb like a stone.

I want to be free,
why can nobody hear me?


Rio Calling 2.33

You think you’ve seen it all,
money, boys, alcohol.

And suddenly out of the dark,
like a white shark.

He smiles at you with innocence,
Asks you for a dangerous dance.

At this point we cannot comprehend,
where this is going to end.


Shit happens, you make a face like a winter day,
baby it’s okay.
Your boss touches your ass, doesn’t know your gay,
baby that’s shit, but it’s okay.
So everyone let’s you down, your friends commit foul play,
baby it’s okay.
You want to go home but your flight has lots of delay,
baby it’s okay.
They promised you a bright future that now seems so far away,
oh baby it’s okay.