Poetry & Politics #1

Progress in discussions,
Between Americans and Russians.

The question is how long the ceasefire will hold,
Ukrainians know that they ain’t getting any gold.

When you are in the hands of great powers,
There ain’t no sun, only rain showers.


Flavor of Vienna #4

I’m in love with your smell,
I couldn’t stop it, for you I fell.

Your tongue with the taste of peach,
Unfortunately still out of my reach.

I’m just really into you,
I hope you feel this way too.

Life and Death #2

When you are in constant pain,
There’s no sun but endless rain.

All your efforts are in vain,
And the world appears like there’s nothing to gain.

Gradually you start to wonder whether you are still sane,
Your thoughts resemble an unstoppable train.

Oh! You’ve got to reroute your brain,
And you must cut off the evil chain.

If you succeed, you can pour yourself a glass of champaign,
Because then you will be the world’s new reign.