Bon Voyage #23

I feel so far removed,
You know, our relationship really grooved.

It was all about you,
The sky so blue.

Now life’s no longer nice,
My heart turns into ice.


Bon Voyage #57

Do you remember in the summer,
You were feeling ever number.

The sunshine didn’t wake you up,
Because you spent your mornings in the club.

In the fight you have come far,
One day you’ll be a star.

Bon Voyage #55

I should be hoping,
But I can’t stop thinking.

Give me these answers to my burning question,
I can’t think. My head is one big congestion.

All the things I should have done,
But I never did,
And now the moment is gone.

Now this part over,
I have a little life in me yet,
But you’re no longer my lover.